A Hero’s Journey

A Heros Journey – Part I

Artwork courtesy of awkwardsnowball

“Our life is a series of moments.. each one a journey to the end ”

                                                     from the movie ‘Now is Good’.

We have moments that are more splendid than the colours of the rainbow, and others which are heavier than the darkest of rain clouds. We have fleeting moments of chance, of opportunity and then there are those moments which feel like years spent wandering the thirsty Saharan desert. Some of our precious moments leave the scent of wild roses lingering in the air but we can all recall moments when fear sulled the very molecules of oxygen, as life itself seems to escape the confines of our skin and bones. Yet it is the meaning we give to each moment that somehow weaves the tapestry of the events, experiences and vitality of our lives.

Some of us are seemingly asleep at the wheel. We live out our lives in monotonous humdrum, of the 9 to 5 and the “same old crap, just another day”. So, the same old crap reinforces and embeds itself into your badly self-designed reality and into your psyche – which is the worst place for “crap” to be stored, wouldn’t you say? But try telling your sleeping self, that you’re asleep and I’ll bet that you won’t wake up.

Waking up needs to be a constant exercise if it is to have any profundity on your being, it’s an exercise of complete awareness of your potential, getting clarity of your journey and taking responsibility for your actions. Whether you believe it or not, at first your potential may be so great that it requires you to retrain your imagination! Imagine that. However it is at the level of your imagination where you can connect with your potential.

A Heros Journey –
Part II

Artwork courtesy of thefantasim

“Audacity augments courage; hesitation, fear.”

                                                       – Publilius Syrus (Syrian writer, 1st century BC)

The ordinary world

Amidst the unfolding drama of our lives, we might be able to recall a blurry memory where once upon a time there wasn’t much drama at all. One day was very much like the next, months passed along like weeks and maybe, the years even seemed to drift along just fine.

Maybe these memories remind you of a time when your innocence was as beautiful as the prettiest of all green meadows, or of times when life was relatively care free.

Can you remember such a time? Are you here right now?

You may also remember a feeling of there being something missing in your life or something holding you back, perhaps feeling like a greyhound stuck in the gates.

Call to adventure

Then, there comes a time in our lives where one day you’re offered a glimpse of another realm, some unfamiliar territory, a new perspective or a new possibility to explore; the gates go up and the race track appears before you. Or perhaps this other realm comes in the form of a career opportunity, the prospect of starting a family, or becoming aware of some profound (good or bad) part of you which you had never quite noticed before. You could have noticed that in certain scenarios you always feel paralysed from head to toe.

We are offered a choice at these junctures; do you follow your intuition? Do you ignore it? Or do you resist anything that threatens your comfort zone?


Many of us make the decision subconsciously due to habitual behaviour, indeed we operate in autopilot throughout most of our day (thanks to beliefs systems formed by our perception of the world and ourselves rather than what is real). Though, sometimes we decide to ponder for a while on the “what if”; What if I really have some wonderful gift that could make a significant difference? What if I take on this idea and decide to start a business? Or, what if I really look at why I feel paralysed when I even think about starting a business?

Maybe you have some unexpressed desire or ambition? Perhaps the fear of the unknown keeps this desire from coming to the fore and in to the power of your awareness and imagination?

Finding heart

We may decide to forget about whatever it was that came to light and showed you a new path, because settling with the familiar may appear to be more attractive. However, there are some things that once revealed to us come back again to offer you a chance once more. This second revelation may come through listening to someone’s wise words on YouTube, watching a good movie which manages to stir things we have tried to bury under the pillow. And often people we know say something that resonates with a deep desire. You may sit with this and look back at your journey to understand if this desire has urged you in the past.

These moments don’t just stir your thoughts and feelings; they are there to help you to muster up the courage and stand in the shoes of your bravest self to open up to whatever is calling you. Courage will help you endure any unpleasant emotions, fear and uncertainty. Self-compassion will help you to calmly observe whatever insights may arise. Allowing yourself to contemplate can help shed the heavy baggage, and bring clarity so you can make a move to taking the first step on a journey which might just be your greatest journey yet.

Have you felt inspired or encouraged by somebody or by something you read? Maybe it was a single thought that came to you out of the blue?

A Heros Journey –
Part III

Photo courtesy of Greg Epperson

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness”

                                              – Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Roman philosopher)

One small step

The first step can feel like trying to get the Titanic unstuck, but when you finally make it rock it gains momentum, the engines roar into life and a single step becomes a faithful leap into the unknown; your journey has begun.

If you take a moment, you might realise that taking this small step wasn’t really like moving the Titanic at all. The act of taking the first step was preceded by a committed decision; a powerful decision, supported by clarity which literally moved you into a new direction.

Testing times

For our traveller, this is the road along which new alliances will be made, new possibilities or creations will emerge. The plot of the story will start to unravel enough to inspire you to follow the bread crumbs and your own instinct. This is an exciting phase indeed.

With excitement, there are also tricky obstacles and testing challenges to master. However afraid our traveller may be in facing up to these monsters, the purpose of these apparent road blocks are to raise your skill, ability, knowledge and experience by making you dig deep and ignite the power already within you. Beyond these challenges, we find that new doors seem to open at the right time, leading to the right people or the right opportunities.

This is a crucial part of ones journey; without these tests, the potentiality of our lives ends up as a distant dream.

The innermost cave

Through trials and tribulations we travel far and wide. Looking back at the hazy horizon, the memory of the place we’ve come from seems unreal, as if it were a past lifetime. We remember the person we used to be and recognise the growth we have undergone since setting out. We remind ourselves of our desire, the urge to follow our calling and we turn our attention to the present moment, with this sprouting new you.

You have metamorphosed into a more powerful self, one who has learnt to keep his or her own council, one who is guided by an intelligent intuition. Everything that has happened in your life so far has lead you to here, yet even this is just another stepping stone to somewhere deeper, some place which will require you to be at your absolute best and brightest.

It is there you face your deepest fear or your greatest challenge. You may even feel that this challenge is something you need to go through all by yourself. Here, you find yourself in an abyss, where darkness appears to enshroud everything and loneliness asks for pity like a beggar grasping at your ankles; you need to have faith in all that you are, fire up your inner light and transcend the veil before you.

Enduring the great ordeal

With all your skill, experience and knowledge you will engage your nemesis, face your greatest inner-shadow/wounding/demon, your business may face a serious trial, or the day will finally arrive for that marathon you’d been training toward. These moments demand a laser-beam like focus; blocking off all other eventualities or distractions.

This crossing will change you in so many ways; maybe even more than any transformation in the past. Many aspects of life are affected by working through this challenge, as a deeper knowledge about your own power emerges and you see all the mental constructs which support how you view yourself in the world around. Like a fledgling that has just taken its first flight, you see from a birds-eye view, you manoeuvre the forest with all its branches and obstacles without effort; you have a new found ease.

Wielding your power

Having faced a great ordeal, you walk with the realisation of your achievement and an understanding of the empowerment that has been bestowed upon you. The ordeal has been a gift in disguise.

Perhaps you now command the skill of making allies in your workplace, maybe the journey took you to a dark place within yourself and now you’ve come through it, to the light with self-compassion and at-one-ment (atonement) with your wounding; free from the chains of wounds and breaking old limiting beliefs. This new empowered state provides the breakthrough that we needed, the breakthrough that shows us a new frontier of opportunities as we imagine walking through life with the advantage of wielding this new gift.

The road back

The new way of being may take some time getting used to. As you practice working with your new skills, your new reality, your new career, you will naturally make mistakes and drop the ball now and again. You may even get criticized or judged by others during this period. Yet more tests! Albeit, ones you will pass with flying colours.

When working with a new skill, new knowledge or a way of being, one gets accustomed with its ways by exercising it and by experimenting.

It took you so long to get here; spending a little time in this space will help you master your newly dis-covered power.


When you emerge back in the normal world, you emerge transformed by your experiences, by new knowledge or new skills. You come back to familiar surroundings with a new truth about you; a certain strength in your character. You experience life differently, you perceive differently and you express your self differently.

You may notice people being attracted to you; perhaps they seek mentorship by someone who has travelled to their desired destination before them. You may notice things happening which require your engagement to rectify an issue, or to secure an opportunity, to work on a project which may benefit from your gift.

If you hadn’t understood by now, you will understand that there was a reason for all that had occurred through this journey, from the very beginning to the present day. After this short post-analysis (keep it brief Freud!), you will enjoy a reality in which you create the world, you give meaning to all events, you see beyond that which is visible to the naked eye and together with the pieces of the symphony of all that is, you play in harmony.


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